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H1B Visa Interview Experience Islamabad

Having received my I797 Form from Microsoft last month or so I finally scheduled an interview appointment with American Embassy this month. My Interview date for H1b Visa Application was 22nd August 2011 at American Embassy Islamabad.

The interview spanned over 10 minutes at max and the transcript of the interview is as follows:

VO (Visa Officer): Good morning sir, how are you doing today?
Me: Fine, Thank you and how are you doing today?
VO: Not bad either.
VO:  So you are going to Microsoft? I have heard about this company, sorry I forgot what do they do?
Me:  Microsoft is the world’s largest IT Company that develops and licenses a wide range of products and services in computing.  Microsoft windows being there flagship product which you might be using as well in your system right now.
VO: Oh definitely yes I am! So they are based in Redmond, Washington. Are you going there as well?
Me: Yes.
VO: So how did they hire you? Can you explain the whole recruitment cycle? How many interviews? And when did you get the offer?
Me: I answered appropriately explaining how I applied and went for interviews and then finally receiving the offer.
VO: How long is your contract with them?
Me: Stated this from my terms and conditions with Microsoft.
VO: How much would they be paying in you per annum?
Me: Stated appropriately from my offer letter.
VO: Would they renew your contract beyond X years?
Me: Hopefully Yes!
VO: So what exactly you would be doing at Microsoft?
Me:  I stated my Job Responsibilities as mentioned in my Job description.
VO: How many years of professional experience you have now in your field?
Me: Stated Appropriately.
VO: Can I please see your Microsoft Offer letter and original I797?
Me: Yes sure! and I showed him the original documents.
VO: Very Well done sir, I guess you have presented your case very well hopefully you would get your visa and passport within 7-10 days. Allah Hafiz!

Me: Ohh Thank you very much!  Pleasure meeting you. Have a good day! Allah hafiz.

I hope this visa experience helps other people who intend to apply for H1B.

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