Raymond Davis

Dawn Newspaper 3/17/2011

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Wednesday that Raymond Davis was released after the payment of blood money (diyat) in accordance with the Shariat Law of Pakistan.”

While skimming through today’s news paper the above headline caught my attention and like many Pakistanis a series of questions came up in my mind. Yes that’s true that Islam has laid down a proper code for accepting money against bloodshed to forgive the culprit. However on what grounds Raymond has been released from other cases such as carrying illegal arms and doing actions such as spying and putting the whole integrity of a nation on line? Which Shariat law or Country law allows foreigner to invade country secrets carry illegal arms and than just go away??? Any Pakistani involved in a similar action in US would have been let go this easily?.  Raymond should have been put under trial and test for all offenses before allowing to fly off away from the country. It’s a shame that Government officials preplanned everything to allow him a safe exit.

Honorable minister although your statement reflects your loyalties to your party and to your seat and NOT to Pakistani nation, but would you have accepted bloodshed money decision if God forbids something of similar sort had happened to your loved ones?

Let’s for a change draw a line at some point in degrading ourselves in front of  US.


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