Struggling Freelancer? Follow the 10 Commandments!

Struggling Freelancer? Follow the 10 Commandments!

The Ten Commandments which according to the Hebrew Bible is a list of religious and moral imperatives that were given by God to the people of Israel to give them a clear direction as to how to achieve religious success by avoiding some cardinal sins! Without a doubt success in any domain can only come if we avoid “sins” related to that domain and freelancing is no exception. To make the best out of our freelancing job we have to avoid these sins and follow what I call the 10 Commandments of Freelancing.

1. Thou shall not Work without a contract: Pinch yourself hard! Does it pains? Yes it must have, sadly this is real world! We are not living in a world only to be heard of in fantasy stories where everyone is loyal and you can trust every potential client and can’t believe that they can stab us in the back. The biggest mistake many freelancers do is that they just trust the client too much! Protect all your bases before starting the work with a fully documented contract including things such as payment terms and scope of work to be delivered.


2. Thou shall not undercharge: Are you working 18+ hours a day on your freelance projects and still managing a diet which includes beans and bread most of the time? Surely is one of many signs that you might be charging too little! Most freelancers don’t even know what they are worth! Or are happy with an amount with which they can meet there minimum expenses. Always keep yourself up to date with the latest hourly or fixed time rates for the domain you work in.


3. Thou shall not overcharge: Having said that you should know what’s your worth is and not undercharge you should always understand that clients are always looking for a quality yet cost effective solution. Keep up to date with market prices of similar services and always bid around it to gain attention. Anything way above or way down and alarm bells start ringing in the customers mind.


4. Thou shall not overload your plates: you should know your limits. I agree that the feel of earning more and more dollars is simply irresistible but “reputation” that’s something on which your business would grow in the future. Avoid working like the greedy algorithms searching for a local optimum and in turn spoiling the global optimum! Don’t overload yourself with work, be within your limits and build a reputation with quality work.


5. Thou shall not miss deadlines: I can’t insist on this more! This may be one of the worst forms of sins in freelancing. Clients hate deviations in commitments and this would ruin all your reputation until and unless you have a very genuine excuse.


6. Thou shall not work with simply every client: Remember it’s a real world! There are all types of clients in the world, some clients want the whole word but simply don’t want to spend anything. Some clients are just simply too hard to please! No matter what you do. Excuse such clients in a polite manner so you can focus more on clients who are happy to pay you up to par and bring you more success.


7. Thou shall NOT rely on just a single client: That’s a major mistake many freelancers do when they initiate a startup. You might find an angelic client who would suffice your need for the time being for success you need to diversify yourself work with different people which not only improves your confidence but also you establish growing relationships and business links.


8. Thou shall not become static: Technology never stays the same! If you want to achieve success in the freelancing domain and keep up with the pace of changing technology.


9. Thou shall not stop marketing your services: Have a lot of work? Well let’s be honest it’s not going to last forever. Keep advertising or marketing your services socialize with people go on business events or conferences that’s where you make relationships and out of any such relationship you get a solid lead or a reference.


10. Thou shall always follow up with your clients: Have a bunch of happy clients? Always follow up with them introduce new services and keep in touch. They can be your biggest source of new work both by giving you work themselves or referring other potential clients.


The list is exhaustive however if you follow these 10 golden rules you are guaranteed to have success in freelancing domain.

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