Microsoft Interview Experience

Last month I applied to Microsoft through their college recruiting website for SDE/SDET positions and to my amazement the very next day I was contacted by a recruiter who was interested in setting up a telephonic interview with me and had sent me a few initial questionnaires to fill back and return to her. We decided a date and time and I started waiting anxiously for the big day.

Phone Interview

Nicole (recruiter) was sharp on time on the interview day and started off the conversation in a very friendly manner which really helped easing my nerves out. There were no technical questions asked (although I was anticipating a lot of them) and most of the conversation revolved around my resume on questions such as what was your most challenging project? What would you have done different if allowed to go back in time? Do you like to work standalone or do you prefer team projects? Why do you want to work for Microsoft? And finally before we hung up the phone she said “Ok if I want you to test a calculator with simple mathematical functions and made for small children. How would you test it? “. I then asked here a large number of different questions on Microsoft’s work culture, salary and benefits and career paths before we ended the interview. I was pretty satisfied with my performance and was expecting a call up for further rounds.

After two weeks I was again contacted by another recruiter who wanted to set me up for a face to face interview in Dubai on 3rd March 2011.  I was asked to provide all my travelling details which I did so and Microsoft arranged a fully paid trip to Dubai for me.

My interview was in the evening session and to avoid any last moment delays I reached Microsoft Office 30 minutes before the scheduled time. I had to go over 4 technical interviews with Directors of Microsoft Business solutions, Windows Azure, Silverlight and Visual Studio groups respectively.


My first interview was with Director of Business Solutions group (Mr. Azfar). We started off with general discussion about my resume before I was handed a marker and was asked to solve problems on the white board.  The questions that I was asked here were as follows:

  • Write a function that takes a pointer to the head of a linked list and an index and deletes that node. Node consists of a void pointer data and link to the next node. Write test cases for this function.
  •  What’s the difference between master data and reference data?
  • Suppose you have to design the sales modules of an ERP system how you would structure the model for better reporting?
  • Suppose you are given a bit stream and you don’t know from where the bit stream starts. Write a function that returns true if the bit stream has an alternating pattern. For example 000000101010 would return true and 0000001010000 would return false.  Also I had to write test cases for the function.

I was very confident throughout and hardly faced any issue in nailing out the problems on the whiteboard.  I was walking through my algorithms keeping the interviewer in loop and also managed to come up with solid designs and test cases. The interview ended lasted for about 50 minutes after which I was given a 2 minute period to ask any questions if I had. Overall the first interview was a very satisfactory one and it geared me up for upcoming interviews.

We had a 15 minute break during which the recruiter on site Erick, a nice friendly chap made us fill some forms and asked me about my interests and possible teams I would like to work on.


My second interview was with Jason who is head of Testing in Microsoft Visual Studio team (if I am recalling correctly) he was one of the most nice fellows I have ever came across in my professional career he was very friendly and supporting throughout the interview.  Once again I was asked to code on the whiteboard. The coding problems were as follows:

  1. Write a function that takes two strings and returns true if one string is the substring of other.
  2. Suppose you have a  2D array whose elements are increasing both row wise and column wise and you have to find an element if it is present in the array or not. I had to come up with an efficient algorithm for doing this.
  3. Write test cases for both the above functions.
  4. Design a stack using two queues.

I got confused a bit during the interview and hence took longer than normal to solve these simple problems. However Jason was very comforting and supporting throughout.

Interview 3

Third interview was with Director of Windows Azure Development group. This interview focused totally on problem solving and writing test cases for the problems. The problems I was asked during the interview were

  1. Suppose you have a dictionary of words design an algorithm that would scan all words and determine all words that are anagrams. Your algorithm should be efficient and NOT O (n square).
  2. Write a function that would return the first non repeating character in a string. So “Total” would return 0.
  3. Write a function to print the mth from last element of a linked list. (m=0 is the last element). This had to be done using one loop only.
  4. Reverse a string in place ! (in place was the only catch here)

Once again I managed to come up with solutions of all the problems. There was a slight bug in my solution to problem 2 which the interviewer pointed out and I fixed it. Other than that the interviewer was pretty satisfied on how I approached the problems and covered all cases. I was pretty satisfied with this interview and was anxiously waiting for the next one.


Interview 4

This was my final interview for the day. I don’t exactly remember the name and designation of the recruiter but he was one friendly chap. Very energetic! And as soon as we entered the conference room he laid the rules straight away! “Write a fully working code! And write efficient code and nothing less!”  All I managed to do was to smile and reply back “ I will try my best”. This interview lasted for 50 minutes and I had just one problem to solve. The problem was as follows:

  1. Suppose you have Binary tree you want to store the binary tree somewhere on the disk or on the cloud once stored than write a routine that would retrieve and rebuild the tree. Cover all cases and come up with at least 10 solid cases.

After a few minutes of brainstorming I came up with an algorithm which I guess really took the interviewer with surprise and he was really impressed with the approach. We managed to walk through the algorithm and write proper code on the white board. The test case session was a very interactive one and I managed to come up with some strong test cases. Overall the interview ended up on a very satisfactory note and I walked out confident and hoping for success!

Post Interviews:

Microsoft gave all the candidates souvenirs and we left for our hotels. I had the flight same night so had little time to roam around Dubai.

Now after 3 days of my interview I was contacted back by Microsoft that they would like to make me an offer in their Dynamics team! It’s an amazing feeling and I have no words to explain this. I am looking forward to a life time experience at Microsoft in coming months!

If you have any questions related to my experience you can contact me by responding to the post.


  1. Salman Shakeel said

    Great article and Congrats a Billion!!

    Keep it Up Bro!

  2. uzubair said

    Thanks for the wishes Salman ! Remember me in your prayers.

  3. Asif Noor said

    Well done Usman and especially taking time out and writing your experience in detail. It will definitely help others.
    Nice article.
    Congrats man again.

  4. Muhammad Aamir said

    Nice Article

    Congratulation sir
    wish you best of luck.


  5. supergokhan said

    Hi my friend. First of all congratulations. I was there too for an intern position, however due to some excitement I did not get an offer. Your interview questions seems slightly harder than mine by the way. Whatever my ms is ongoing and I hope to try it next year too so I have a one year preparation time. Can you please advise me some books for self training? And do you have a linkedin page? Thanks and best luck in Redmond campus.

  6. uzubair said

    Hi supergokhan,
    Thanks for your comments and wishes ! where r u from?? you can add me up on gtalk at and we can discuss things that would help you in future.



  7. Pavel said


    Thanks for the article.

    I have a phone interview tomorrow with Nicole. Could you give any more tips?

    U can write me to sarajblin AT yahoo DOT com


    • uzubair said

      You can add me on skype at usman.zubair and perhaps I can answer some specific questions related to your interview.


  8. Aditya said

    Hey, I was there for the Microsoft interviews in Dubai and got the SDET position on Dynamics ! 🙂 So you are joining in October as well ?

    • uzubair said

      Hi Aditya,

      Nice to know that you in are dynamics too !! Yes I would be joining in October. What about you??



  9. dinky said

    can u kindly tel ur solution and approach for the 4th interview question .
    My mail id is

    • uzubair said

      Developing a stack using two queues?

      • Abubakar said

        Can you please tell me the answer of interview 4 question about Binary tree??

  10. kenny zita said

    wow, this is nice……i will add you on gmail, i have so many questions for you..

  11. Usman said

    Hi Usman,

    It’s nice to hear that you made it to the Redmond Campus. I was also there at Dubai for interviews. Your most of the questions seems similar to mine and many of them went very well but still they didn’t offered me the position. Are you a Fastian too ??? Am from Lahore Campus. Do stay in touch!!! I might need help from you in future and see you soon in Redmond Campus inshAllah!!!


    • uzubair said

      Hi Usman,

      Yes I am Fastian too but did my masters from LUMS.

      Tough luck in the interviews man! but you can always apply again.


      Usman Zubair

  12. MOZHI said

    If possible could u please post ur solutions i mean respective algorithms to

    thx in advance

  13. Branislav said

    Can you please explain what do you mean as “alternating pattern” in 1.4 task.

    Thank you!

  14. Branislav said

    And, another question: are you applied under program for postgraduates?

    Thanks a lot for detailed description of interview, it is very helpful!

  15. Raaji thiventhira said

    Hi, congrats for making it!
    could you please share your solutions?

  16. Hassam Ullah Sheikh said

    Can You give me your Email ID? I really need to talk to you. Direct

  17. vivek mathan said

    nice and this article is also help my interview

  18. bkhan said

    How did u answer the binary tree question?

  19. Kumar Rach said

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Hope you are happily working with Microsoft now.

    I’m an upcoming SDET having around 2 yrs of exp, any suggestions for me in preparing for my up coming interviews will be highly appreciated!!

  20. Salman Ramzan said

    Have you any idea about joining of Oracle and Google as a software engineer…..???

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