DUMMY’S Introduction to Concept of Sites and Site Collection

Today going through files on my hard disk, I came across this tutorial which I wrote about 2-3 months back for one of my very close friend Salman, who was interested in learning SharePoint so I thought I should share this tutorial on my blog for benefit of those people who get themselves confused between Sites and Site Collection concepts in SharePoint 2007.


Most people find it difficult to grasp the concept of sites and site collections when they first begin with SharePoint. Today I would discuss in detail both of these concepts and then we will also see how we can create some sample sites and site collection. Before we proceed further lets define a few things.


  • Site typically would store lists of documents, events, tasks, discussions and many other types of information.
  • Sites may also contain pages and web parts that provide access to information that is either on stored within the site or in some external locations.
  • Sites would also control access and define permissions levels for users and groups within a site (We will discuss this further in Security Authorization section)

Site Template:

The initial configuration of lists, pages and web parts constitutes a site template.

Site Collection:

A site collection is a set of sites connected together, and of course there is a relation between sites and that is that one site is the parent site (also known as the Root Site) and the rest are sub-sites or child sites.


Site Type:

When you create a site the site creation page allows you to select a site template for the site which would determine the functionality and the initial configuration of content on the site

Create a site collection

Now let’s create a new Site Collection step by step.

1) Log in to windows using the Admin Account.

2) Go to Start –>Administrative Tools–> SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration

3) This would open the Central Administration Page. On the Central Administration page click on the top navigation bar, click Application Management.

4) On the Application management page, in the SharePoint Management Section click on Create Site Collection.

To download the complete document please click here.


  1. Muhammad Kashif said

    V helpful for beginners.

  2. Vifaq said

    It’s great and easy guide for beginners to understand the initial differences and get jump start on MOSS 2007.

  3. dying2die said

    Assala alaikum well this was NEWS to me being a bzness person this is greek – LOL i do know about sites and site collection as i used to skip my lectures to learn a lill bit of IT for my work – i was in a lecture of Site preperation i understood until template and collection etc etc but i got stuck wen it came to the codes etc etc – well being with IT was v helpfull as i was a very good content provider and creation for any corporate training – Keep up the good work Regards

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